Jan Scherbarth: Kitchener, Ontario

I watched Williams interest in photography and viewed many nice pictures that he took. It wasn’t until I saw the pictures he took of himself that I realized William artistic potential. I asked him to take a few of me but warned him it would be a challenge.

We spent an afternoon visiting different sites in Cambridge. It was a relaxing time as we chatted while he continued to take picture after picture. The most fun was the one of me throwing the leaves up in the air. I received many compliments on several of the pictures he took.

Thanks for your time and patience William and I hope we can go out for another photo session some time.

Bonnie Atlee: Guelph, Ontario

William made me feel at ease from the moment we met at the location for the shoot. He does excellent work, and has a good eye for composition, lighting, background, and positioning of the subject(s). His calm, reassuring nature comes in handy for people such as myself who really don’t enjoy being photographed. He will be doing my next shoot in the near future.

Karen Colville: New Castle, Ontario

My experience working with William Byrne as a Photographer is open to the world. William made me feel at ease and was prompt in meeting me and going to the location. We lacked time for the test shoot it was a good start with interesting results.

He added a sensuality and a sense of mystery to my image and one of liberation by working with me to bring out my character. I naturally responded to William with a sense of trust and ease. William is patient and he is fast with an excellent eye for detail he knows his camera and how to connect with people his camera by knowing what to look for to capture or body language synchronized and he was able to pull out many sides of my personality with expression.

I look forward to working with William again on a project. I suggest William to any one that wants a quality photography that is interesting image making.